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Unlock your Ikigai: Transform your life with purposeful coaching in Amsterdam

Do you find yourself lacking satisfaction in your work or studies? Are you longing for more fun in life and would you like to feel more energetic? Do you often encounter the same challenges with friends, your boss or colleagues? Recognize the constant busyness without focus or fulfillment? Are you eager to learn how to make choices and set meaningful goals?

Yes, life can get boring at times when it feels like you’re not on the right path. Or you are too long living a ‘comfortable life’. You might start questioning past decisions, struggle to define what you truly want in the future. It sounds like you’re on a quest to discover your purpose of life, your Ikigai!

Embark on a transformative journey with “Discover your Ikigai coaching” in Amsterdam or via online talks, where you’ll pause to reflect on your lifestyle and work dynamics, identifying energy-drainers and energy-boosters. Ultimately, you’ll uncover your Ikigai, your purpose of life, bringing meaning to your existence and making a positive impact on the world!

Ikigai coaching is a unique coaching program for self-awareness, career coaching, and personal development, drawing inspiration from the Japanese concept of Ikigai. Rooted in Japanese tradition, it’s been proven to be highly effective and serves as a beautiful tool for self-exploration—to discover who you really are apart from external influences such as social media, friends, family or colleagues.

Let me help you to feel happier and more centered, gain focus, set goals, and create a positive impact! Place yourself at the forefront and discover what you can do to live a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Follow Your True Desires! Do what you really want!

I’m Brenda Serrée (MSc), your Ikigai coach. I’m here to help you clarify your purpose of life, both in your work and personal life. Throughout this coaching journey, we’ll explore who you are now, where you stand, and where you want to go. Discover what’s brewing beneath the surface, waiting to emerge! Your Ikigai will serve as the guiding thread in your decisions, both in your professional and personal realms.

If you’re interested in discovering your Ikigai and infusing more joy and energy into your life and work, reach out below, and let’s discuss the possibilities.

PS: Many organizations consider Ikigai coaching as part of the Career Development Budget or Individual Choice Budget (IKB).

Curious about what “Discover your Ikigai coaching” can offer you? Here are some benefits of this coaching journey:

  • Uncover your unique life purpose, your Ikigai.
  • Explore where your true passion and sense of purpose lie.
  • Gain focus and practical advice for your career, job opportunities, and education.
  • Learn how to experience more energy and fulfillment in your daily life.


“In recent sessions with Brenda Serrée, I’ve been rediscovering my ‘Ikigai.’ What gives direction and meaning to my life after 14 years with the same employer? These open discussions made it clear to me that values, autonomy, and altruism are crucial. Letting go of choosing one direction and embracing the opportunity to do multiple things simultaneously suits me well, allowing me to leverage my qualities better. Brenda is personal, engaged, positive, and holds up a mirror with humor in a pleasant way. Thank you for your excellent guidance! Sascha”

“When friends ask me what I gained from Brenda’s Ikigai coaching, I find it hard to put into words, but it has been incredibly valuable. Thanks to you, I’ve taken significant steps forward. I had been feeling out of place for a while, and the Ikigai journey has set a lot in motion. In just a month, I’ve learned a tremendous amount and applied the new insights. I used to be a huge control freak, and now, with a more relaxed approach to life and work through Ikigai coaching, life suddenly holds so much more.” – Sander (HR Advisor, 28 years old)

“I wanted to thank you through this message for the wonderful conversations in the past weeks and the live session yesterday. The filled pastry was excellent, the coffee delightful, and the insights enriching. I embarked on this journey with an open mind, and I’ve truly enjoyed the enlightening discussions. It remains astonishing how confronting it can be when someone holds up a mirror, even if you believe you know yourself well. There are always aspects that either get ignored or have long been suppressed. I’m already making a promise to myself to schedule a follow-up session with you in the spring! Jip – future teacher at Pabo, 24 years old.”

“Very refreshing and inspiring! The world is at my feet again :-)” – Annemiek (Part-timer seeking fulfillment and more balance in private life, 50+)

“By creating a step-by-step plan and breaking down my dream, it becomes manageable to continue challenging yourself and develop or grasp ideas.” – Marion (HR Advisor seeking energy and relaxation, 50+)

Hi Brenda, 
Thank you so much for all your excellent assistance. I gained a lot from it and am inspired by your positivity. I know where to find you if I want to brainstorm again! 🙂 We keep in touch! – Esther, TV editor, 26 years old.

Do you feel that now is the moment to discover your Ikigai, your purpose? To bring more joy and energy into both your work and personal life? To organize things for the upcoming period? Book your Ikigai coaching journey now.

Brenda Serrée is aspirant NOBCO and Noloc coach