Would your company like to organize an Ikigai workshop for one or more of your teams? Or maybe your HR manager organizes an event or festival around themes such as happiness at work, stressreduction, balance or vitality? The Japanse concept for a long and happy life is very suitable to inspire your collegues. The Ikigai workshop is also available in English by Ikigai expert Brenda Serrée.

Did you know…

that Ikigai has all to do with happiness at work? Recent studies show dat happiness for 50% is determined by your genes, 10% by your circumstances and 40% by conscious behavior.

So you can raise your sense of happiness by consciously creating workpleasure. Because what makes you happy and how can you adjust the way you work of life? This is good to know for your employees, but also good for you as a company.

In general people who feel happy at work, have a positive look at the work, think in possibilities, enjoy life more and are a appreciated member of the team.

“All over the world, there’s a noticeable trend towards a new way of living and entrepreneurship whereby issues around meaningful life play a prominent role” Dr H. Kievit, Nyenrode and Social Venturing Entrepreneurship

Ikigai expert Brenda Serrée

Brenda Serrée works from and lives in Amsterdam The Netherlands. As an Ikigai speaker and Ikigai coach, she motivates employees and managers to get the most out of life. It is precisely now, in these times of coronavirus-related stress, that you can also create more joy and flow through a few minor changes. There are always elements of Japanese Ikigai secrets that you can apply to your own life and in your work. This is why I offer a 1-hour-long Ikigai (online) workshop to inspire people with 5 Ikigai secrets to a long and healthy life. In a very relaxed setting, you’ll get to focus on that secret, which will help you flourish in your professional or private life and, at the same time, you’ll get to know your colleagues in a whole new way. Especially now, it’s important to think about these kinds of things.

She is a speaker, trainer and coach and has already given this workshop to various municipalities, care institutions, profit and non-profit organizations. It requires an open-minded attitude from the participants, and provides inspiration and a bit of relaxation, it’s practical in its set-up and by no means vague or airy-fairy.

It’s her mission to stimulate people to take good care of their self in order to create a better work and life balance. With the aim of giving people more energy, pleasure and fulfillment. In case you want to know, I am certified DISC trainer, NOBCO registered coach and teacher with a first degree.

Please contact me to talk about your event

Brenda is CRKBO registerred teacher

Online Teamworkshop with collegues via Zoom

The Ikigai workshop can be a 1 hour online workshop (everyone participating from own computer) or a live workshop. Interaction guaranteed. Please contact Brenda via the button Contact.

    “New, interesting, and I am more aware now that I want to calm down more during the day and even try to meditate”, Maud says.

    “Inspiration to stand still in the here and now to look at the life you live right now,” Rianne says.

    The purpose of life is a life of purpose

    Robert Byrne

    Ikigai – Live your purpose

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