Oilpainter Brenda Serrée

Who is Brenda Serrée? Colourful, authentic painter colouring her own life and that of others through her paintings and also through her lectures and coachings on Japanese Ikigai. What is your reason for being? What makes you feel alive and meaningful? For Brenda painting is an essential element in her purpose of life. She aims to bring colour to your life and home. She was born in 1973 and paints from her 8th birthday. She took lessons from painter Inge van Vuure and paints up to date at renowned Ateliers Buri by Saskia Heuer in Amsterdam.

Oilpaintings Amsterdam

Why paint?

Do What You Love!

Hi, my name is Brenda Serrée and I stimulate everyone to colour your life every single day. I am an Ikigai expert and love to paint. I give teamworkshops, masterclasses, keynote presentations and individual coaching to help people gain more pleasure, purpose and vitality. Painting is my passion ever since I was a little child and I inspire others to paint with paintworkshops indoor and outdoor. Colour your life every day.