Ikigai coaching English


3 x 2-hour Ikigai sessions, live in Amsterdam.

or 4 x online coaching sessions and 1 x 2-hour live session

or 6 online sessions

including online intake

including assignments in between coachings

including career assessment

including follow-up session


Perhaps you have some idea of what your talents are and what you enjoy doing. However, you rarely take a moment to truly reflect on where you currently stand and where you want to go. Life rushes on, and your days are so filled. But do you feel genuinely fulfilled deep inside? Do you make time to do what you love?

Discovering your Ikigai provides you with a sense of direction. It is a combination of the words iki (‘life’) and gai (‘value,’ ‘meaning,’ ‘reason’).

If you also want to become aware of where your meaning lies now, the quest for your Ikigai can help. In our conversations, we focus on where you are currently and what you want to clarify for yourself regarding your life purpose. Ideally, coaching takes place live in Amsterdam, but due to travel distance, it can also be done partially through online coaching.

Interested in installment payments? Inquire about the possibilities.

Special offer valid until 31 Januari 2024! Be quick!

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